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About Me

Name: Ibrahim Kavak
Title: MD
Medical Department: General Surgery
Specialist Place/Year of Birth: İzmir / Ödemiş – 03.07.1967
Phone: 0216 357 00 02 – 0216 357 00 03
GSM & WhatsApp: 0542 231 28 23
Education: Ege University Faculty of Dentistry 1984-1986, Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Medicine 1986-1991

Work Experience

Niğde / Y.Gölcük Health Center General Practitioner / 1991

Atatürk University Department of General Surgery, General Surgery Training / 1993-1998

Tokat / Turhal State Hospital, General Surgery Specialist, and Chief Physician / 1998-2003

Aydın State Hospital, General Surgery Specialist / 2003-2014

Istanbul Kartal Y.Selim State Hospital, and later, due to the Ministry of Health’s decision, the closure of the hospital, Istanbul/Tuzla State Hospital / 2014-2020

I have been serving as a physician for 29 years and as a member of the General Surgery family for 27 years.

Organizations I Am a Member Of Turkish Surgical Association (Since 1998) Aegean Region Surgical Association, İzmir Breast Diseases Association (Since 2005)

Licenses and Certificates

  1. Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Level 1-2-3/Success Certificate Senatürk/Senology Academy Date of Issue: September 2017
  2. Laparoscopy Atatürk University, Turkish Surgical Association Date of Issue: October 1997
  3. Nerve Monitoring in Thyroid Surgery Date of Issue: November 2015
  4. Use and Training of Staplers in Surgery Turkish Surgical Association Date of Issue: December 2015
  5. Process Approach and Management Training Management Information Systems Competency Identity 8751/09/11/2006
  6. Occupational Medicine Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the Republic of Turkey – January 14, 2014

Courses Attended

  • Istanbul Protocol Training Program (Enhancing the Knowledge Level of Non-Forensic Expert Physicians, Judges, and Prosecutors) September 28-30, 2009 / Aydın
  • Selim Anorectal Diseases Course / Turkish Colon and Rectum Surgery Association / Video-Based Presentation of Pelvic-Proctologic Surgical Techniques February 23, 2013 – December 17, 2016
  • Oncoplastic Breast Surgery (OMC) / 14th National Breast Diseases Congress October 19-22, 2017 – Antalya
  • Fresh Frozen Cadaver Neck Dissection Course (For Malignant Thyroid Surgery) May 12, 2018 / Endocrinology Dialog Association – Istanbul
  • Istanbul Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery Course 2018 (Senatürk)
  • Turkish Surgical Association. Intra-abdominal organs, retroperitoneum, abdominal wall surgical anatomy course (Cadaver course) March 07-08, 2020 Ankara

Scientific Publications

  1. Effects of growth hormone on hepatic regeneration Turk J Med Sci 30(2000) 529-534
  2. Hepatic hydatid cyst rupture in pregnancy Atatürk University Medical Journal 1999;31:91-93
  3. Increased serum CA 72-4 levels in patients with gastrointestinal carcinoma Turk J Med Sci 28(1998) 29-263
  4. Bacterial translocation after intraperitoneal drainage in rats undergoing splenectomy. Turkish Clinics Journal of Medical Sciences » 1998 – Volume 18 » Issue 3
  5. Giant cavernous hemangioma of the tongue Atatürk University Medical Journal 1998;30;123-126
  6. Rectal injuries B-19;39th National Colon and Rectum Surgery Congress National Rectum and Colon Surgery Congress/Antalya
  7. Histopathologic Evaluation of the Effects of Glucagon and Octreotide on Experimental Intestinal Ischemia-reperfusion Injury Turk J Med Sci.27;397-400,1997
  8. The Effects of Octreotide on Experimental Colitis. Turk J Med Sci 27:341-344,1997
  9. Plasma atrial natriuretic peptide, vasopressin, aldosterone, and plasma renin activity levels in rabbits with ligated common bile ducts. T Klin Tıp Bilimleri (T Klin J Med Sci).17:39-42,1997
  10. Glutathione and nitric oxide concentrations in glutamine-infused rabbits with intestinal ischemia/ reperfusion Eur J Clin Chem Clin Biochem 1997 ;35(6) 415-419
  11. Pilonidal sinus disease New Medicine Journal 13(5):308-310,1996
  12. Acute Mesenteric Ischemia – Retrospective Evaluation of 51 Cases Atatürk University Medical Journal AUTD 1995;27:33-37